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Transfer Road Interim Board Member Election Results

Stan Green Wins the Interim Transfer Road Board Member seatIB Image


Webinar: Frontline Worker Pay applicant assistance for organizations

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) has scheduled several informational webinars for unions, agencies, organizations and nonprofits to provide an overview of the Frontline Worker Pay Program, review qualification information and application requirements, and provide tips to help qualified workers apply. DLI is partnering with the Minnesota AFL-CIO to organize and promote these sessions.

Minnesota Frontline Worker Pay Update

Translated materials being posted

It is important to us to reach as many eligible frontline workers as possible, so we are translating many of our materials into Hmong, Somali and Spanish. To date, we have the information sheet and outreach toolkit webpages available in four languages. You can access them all at


Juneteenth is a newly recognized Holiday this year for Council employees. The Juneteenth Holiday will be handled the same way MLK Day is handled in that it is a working holiday. If an employee would like to take this day in conjunction with vacation, the employee must use vacation by the week and can elect to receive holiday pay or float the holiday.

Because of the timing of the implementation of the Juneteenth Holiday all regular services such as customer relations and transit information will operate on a regular schedule while the Mail Room, Overhaul Base, and Radio/Electronic shops will be closed on the recognized Juneteenth day, Monday, June 20, 2022.

If you work in an office setting and are unsure whether of not your office will be closed on June 20, 2022, please contact your immediate supervisor for clarification.

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