Know your operator Veronica Carter by MSR News Online

As a young woman finding her career path, Veronica Carter wasn’t afraid to take chances or move to find opportunities. A little over two decades later, her search ended in 2015.

“Getting a job with Metro Transit helped ground me,” Carter said. “It helped me choose to live and make a career in Minnesota.”

For 18 years and counting, she’s had a Commercial Driver’s License. As a young mother, she drove school buses in northern Illinois and in central Indiana. After arriving in Minnesota, she completed her associates degrees in the health field while serving as a bus operator and raising her two girls.

Carter mostly works on express routes, which she favors because they resemble a school bus schedule and service. One of her favorites is Route 114, serving the University of Minnesota.

“I enjoy hearing customers tell me how happy they are that I’m there to get them to and from work or school on time, as well as being safe,” Carter said.

After six years at Metro Transit, Carter is would even

tually like to find a position helping other operators navigate their careers at transit. “When you weigh all your options, it’s better to be here than anywhere else,” she said. “You can grow more.”

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