Retiree Benefit Update

December 9, 2021



We are sending this notice to assure you that we are aware there have been significant issues with TASC Customer Care and enrollment communication for 2022 Open Enrollment.

We understand that the letters you have received contained irrelevant information which can be confusing to read and interpret. Please disregard these letters.

Please know that your coverage will NOT be interrupted. The plan(s) you are currently enrolled in will roll over automatically for 2022.  No action is needed to continue your plan coverage.

You will have until January 31, 2022 to make your January payment to TASC.

You will receive a welcome packet that contains your payment coupons and specific costs for the plans you are enrolled in for 2022. Please see the chart below for plans that have cost changes.


Minor cost increase

Open Access


Empower HRA

Non-ATU Journey and Retiree National Choice

No cost changes

ATU Journey and Retiree National Choice


Minor cost decrease


We are working diligently with TASC to make sure they have the correct 2022 plan(s) and price(s) for you. When you receive your payment information and coupons, we are confident the information will be correct. For proof of premium for MSRS reimbursement, you will be able to use the information you will be receiving in the welcome packet from TASC.

If you are within your first 18 months from your last day with the Council and want to make a change for 2022, please email with the requested change.

Please be patient and wait for your welcome packet with specific plan and premium cost before contacting TASC and the Council. If you haven’t received a welcome packet by January 3, 2022, please contact benefits.

Metropolitan Council Benefits Department
Phone: 651-602-1601    Fax: 651-602-1507