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Retiree Medical Plans 2019

  • Federal government is eliminating Freedom Plan.
  • Metropolitan Council offering Retiree National Choice Plans (RNC)                                                                       *Mirrors plan design of Freedom Plan                                                                                                                       -*Estimated premium increase of 19.6%
  • Metropolitan Council offers Journey Plan as optional choice                                                                                  *Mirrors plan design of Freedom Plan                                                                                                                        *Lower premium than RNC                                                                                                                                      *Network restricted to HealthPartners                                                                                                                Council accepted bids from 5 companies.  Council will vote on best plan in September.  Council plans on having detailed information out to Retirees by September 17th, 2018 and  have classes/sessions for Retirees to attend and ask questions the end of September.    ALSO, the Council stated that Retirees will be added to open enrollment every year........   

Open Enrollment Update

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