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Sunday, August 2nd, 2015







Metro Transit Contract Negotiations Update

The contract expiration date passed July 31st.  The current contract is still in effect while we continue negotiations with management.

Thus far, we have met with Management for twelve sessions of negotiations.  Approximately half of the proposals have been worked through to conclusion, reaching a tentative agreement or drop.  We have also begun negotiating proposals which involve financial impact to the contract (wages, healthcare, etc.)  We are reviewing information on healthcare, and are awaiting costing information on several proposals.

Further updates will be forthcoming.

Metro Transit Negotiations Update

Negotiations Update 7/8/2015


You are aware that the contract will “expire” on July 31st.  Please note that under Minnesota law, the current contract will continue to be in effect on a day-to-day basis.

Thus far, we have met with Management for six sessions of negotiations.  We have taken an overview of all proposals from both sides, and have begun more in depth negotiations on Transportation and Maintenance work rules. Proposals that have an associated cost have been deferred to later July when economic issues (wages, health care, etc.) will be discussed.   

Further updates will be forthcoming.

Labor Council for Latin Amercan Advancement




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You can join by printing out the application and sending it via US Mail to:


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AFL-CIO Various 2015 Scholarships

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